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Our Services

With a service area encompassing all of Southern Maine and New Hampshire, CRR offers pavement repair, catch basins, paving, milling, crack sealing, sealcoating and pavement marking and striping for roadways and other paved areas. Our company uses only the highest quality sealcoating and asphalt products. In addition, we go the extra mile in making sure the project is planned and completed with your input—and on your schedule.


Sometimes, old and damaged pavement need to be removed. Our cutting-edge milling process helps remove deteriorated surfaces, which in turn can be recycled and turned into new paving material.

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Pavement Repair

Potholes don’t appear out of nowhere. They’re created over time, and grow worse when left unaddressed. Our proven asphalt-matching method addresses cracks before they become hazardous.

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Structures & Catch Basins

We don’t just fix roads. We fix the structures surrounding them as well. By installing catch basins, you can better direct water and runoff away from the road or parking lot.

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Commercial & Residential Sealcoating

Think of sealcoating as preventative maintenance. Best suited for distress-free or moderately distressed areas, sealcoating creates a new layer that improves traction while protecting and waterproofing the surface from the elements.

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Left untreated, cracking in asphalt can lead to potholes, which in turn can cause costly repairs. CRR’s cracksealing services can help extend the life of your driveway or parking lot.

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Pavement Marking & Striping

Well-marked pavement is crucial to controlling traffic in roadways in parking areas. In addition, many parking lots are required by law to be precisely measured and marked.

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Whether it’s leftover road salt in the spring or dust and sand in the summer, driveways and parking lots don’t always look their best. The occasional sweep can go a long way in helping maintain your surface’s look and feel.

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