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Asphalt Milling Machine Operator – Top

Asphalt Milling Machine Operator – Top

It takes a two-person team to smoothly and precisely operate a $1 million dollar asphalt milling machine. As an “Asphalt Milling Machine – Top Operator,” you are a critical part of that team. 

Your primary responsibility is, basically, driving the machine. You are in control as the milling machine travels down the work path. Need to start going left? That’s all you. Need to slow down some? Yup, that’s you again. This position is also responsible for making sure that the asphalt that’s being milled is properly loaded into trucks to be hauled away. You do all this with a joystick on the dashboard. Think of it as the most expensive video game controller you’ll ever use. 

But the most important part of this position is working closely with the “Ground Operator.” The “Ground Operator” is responsible for making sure the machine mills the exact amount from the pavement surface. They are constantly monitoring the road ahead and are constantly communicating with the Top Operator. To be successful, you must be able to work as a team.

Work Experience: No experience is necessary. We’ll train the strongest candidates. You’ll be able to show that you’ve worked as part of a team and have a desire to learn a new skill at one of our best paying positions. 

Schedule: 40 -55 hours per week. Must have a flexible schedule and be able to work days, nights and/or weekends at various local job sites. 

Requirements + Desired Job Skills

  • Team oriented
  • Safety-first attitude 
  • Attention to detail 
  • Perform required pre-trip inspections for vehicles/equipment 
  • Perform all duties as assigned
  • We prefer a valid driver’s license with a good driving record but can work with the right candidates.
  • Must be insurable to count as a valid driver’s license. 

Pay Structure: 

  • Without Driver’s License: $25.00
  • With Class C License: $27.00
  • With Class B License: $29.00
  • With Class A License: $31.00
  • With Class A and endorsements: $31.50
  • With Class A and endorsements – Lowbed: $33.00

Benefits (employees eligible after 30 days of employment): 

  • Simple IRA (3% matching contribution by CRR) 
  • Health insurance (50% covered by CRR) 
  • Dental insurance 
  • Vision insurance 
  • 3 paid days off 

Bonuses and Perks:

  • 10% Performance Bonus paid twice per year (based on working safe, being on time, maintaining vehicles/equipment, completing paperwork)
  • 1% – 10% Years Of Service Bonus paid at the end of the construction season (1% for every year working with CRR. Been with us 1 year – 1% bonus, 10 years – 10% bonus)
  • Night Shift Upgrade (make an extra $7 per hour if you work between 8pm and 4am)
  • Travel Pay Upgrade ($30 per diem if you travel outside of CRR service area, and have to stay overnight)
  • Single Hotel Room (for overnight travel, on projects longer than 5 consecutive shifts, and when rooms are available)

Let’s get to work! Call or text us to schedule an interview at (207) 310-8732.

Ready to join the team? Call or text us to schedule an interview at (207) 310-8732