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Laborers and Drivers

Laborers and Drivers

$16-30/hr Laborers and Drivers

Coastal Road Repair is Maine’s fastest growing construction company with a vision. We pay well, we work hard and we have fun while we do it. Our average first year earnings usually exceed $50,000. We pay a minimum of $16/hr with no experience to start and $20+/hr with experience and we give all employees four months off per year.

We have a great staff with sports teams and fun incentives that make work actually fun. If you are willing to put in the work, there is no mistaking one thing – you will make money. There is no corporate ladder to climb, just a great place to dig in your heels and get a fair check for an honest day’s work. It could be for just a year or you can make it into a career, we have tons of options and opportunities for the right people who are motivated. We are located in Gorham.

What we give:

– FULL health benefits
– Retirement plan
– Additional hourly compensation for those who choose to work nights and overtime ($30/hour instead of $20/hour)
– Four months off
– Part time available

What we expect:

– Ability to lift 20 pounds
– Being punctual and professional
– Positive attitude
– Drivers pass an initial drug test screening

Does this all sound too good to be true?
It absolutely is. Apply now and see for yourself! We have immediate openings for laborers and drivers.


Fill out the form or call at: 207-358-3305

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